``it always seems impossible until it's done``

-nelson mandela

physically distanced entertainment

in collaboration with our partners, diversified services allow our clients to continue entertaining their audiences while adhering to safety guidelines

drive-in movie events | mobile solution

perfect for any downtown squares or park settings; in and out the same day

drive-in movie events | semi-permanent solution

maximize your potential with extended programming

drive-in concert events | mobile stage

entertain your audience safely using practical solutions

webcast/live-stream studio

from fundraising to reporting funds, allow diversified and its partners to elevate your virtual event for both you and your viewers

home or office studios

don't want to travel? From kitchen table to conference table, we can assist with customizing solutions that work best for you

produce an elevated experience for both you and your viewers from the comfort of your own home or office

diversified will work with you to find the solutions that work best for you, from sales to rentals
start now

enhance your audio with the right studio microphone


brighten up your shot and eliminate those shadows


look your best with HD quality broadcasting


utilize the right platforms and formats to achieve a professional presentation


we are continually reviewing and implementing the most current guidelines and protocols from a variety of federal, state, county, and industry sources to help guide you through assessing risk and developing strategies to execute your event safely
  • 1

    review current site-plan, assess risk factors

  • 2

    create a risk mitigation plan that follows safety guidelines

  • 3

    implement risk mitigation strategy to safely produce your event